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Ichthion wins competition
Plastics innovation: towards zero waste of Innovate UK

October 2018

Ichthion has been awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the British Government’s funding agency for science and research, as part of the competition “Plastics innovation: towards zero waste” for their cutting edge integrated energy and pollution extraction systems.

The award is worth a total £600,000, of which £120,000 will go towards funding research at Ichthion’s academic partner institution, Imperial College London; this award will accelerate development and expedite the market launch of Ichthion’s proprietary technology. The announcement was made by the Business Secretary Greg Clark during the first Green GB Week.  

The goal of our company is to reduce by 70% in 10 years the total amount of plastics entering into the oceans.

Ichthion is now seeking £300,000 in investment, which is EIS/SEIS eligible, to cover matched funding of £150,000 required for the Innovate UK grant. To be a part of ushering in the future of marine technology, or for more information, please contact us


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